The 21 Best TV Theme Songs of All Time

by M.C. Antil on September 20, 2012

Just kidding, of course.  These are by no means the greatest 21 TV theme songs in history.  But they are, without question and in no particular order, my 21 favorites of all time — not to mention 21 songs that stand alone as terrific pieces of music, regardless of how brief they may be. What’s more, they are […]


William Windom: An Appreciation

by M.C. Antil on August 22, 2012

A few working actors catch lightning in a bottle and get their names above the title, while earning the kind of perks that go along with that level of mega-fame. The balance would consider themselves fortunate if they found work for the rest of their lives and lived out their days earning a living at something they love. […]


To millions of Baby Boomers he was Robbie Douglas, the cleft chin-handsome but entirely harmless middle brother during the early, black-and-white days of the mind-numbingly bland 1960’s sitcom, My Three Sons, who then, somehow and in barely explained fashion, became the oldest brother during its later color years.  But to Sixties-era pop aficionados he was Don […]

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Statistically speaking, two things I learned this month frankly blew me away.  And they both, oddly enough, had to do with the number 8. First, for the non-baseball fans among you, an aging relic of a left-hander named Jamie Moyer won his first game of the year a few weeks back while pitching for the […]

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Let’s be honest, almost any yahoo can put together a list of the best baseball movies of all time.  Heck, you ask a roomful of even non-baseball fans to name nine great baseball films, and the chances are 6 or 7 titles would appear on every last one of their lists, if not more.  Sure, not […]

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The Greatness of Sean Penn

by M.C. Antil on January 12, 2012

It’s funny how so often we fail to appreciate greatness when it’s standing right in front of us, while at other times cling so stubbornly to what is clearly no longer great and insist upon calling it such. I’ll go to my grave, for example, contending that if you were to remove the remarkable Michael […]

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More actors whose passing in 2011 you may have missed, but whose work will, no doubt, continue to live on. Doris Belack She had long been playing women who were not only powerful (the soap opera producer in Tootsie), but often the smartest in the room (the director of the mental hospital in What About […]

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Oscar-winner, tabloid queen and legendary Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor was not the only talented actor to pass from this world in 2011.  Consider this a partial list. Tom Aldredge A thin, frail but hard-working character actor who found some measure of fame late in life as Carmella’s unassuming and not-always-the-brightest-guy-in-the-world father in The Sopranos. James […]

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On TNT, Drama and Viewers of a Certain Age

by M.C. Antil on August 16, 2011

They say nothing brings about the demise of a bad product faster than good marketing.  I offer that little pearl of wisdom as a preface to the following.  I just heard this week that TNT is not renewing one of the smartest, most well-written, well-acted and genuinely human shows on all of television.  Apparently, Mike […]

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Is there anything more disingenuous than a prepared statement?   Or, for that matter, any written form of the English language (outside of, say, a contract) more about caution and covering one’s ass than it is about truth? Think of how many times you’ve been subjected to a prepared statement from some would-be felon of an athlete […]

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