December 2011

Greg Halman Sadly, every generation or so we must confront the grim reality that a handful of ballplayers will be taken from us before we ever get the chance to watch them fully realize their potential, not just as players, but people.  At this time six weeks ago, Greg Halman was a budding star in the […]


Nat Allbright For roughly a decade, starting in 1951, had one of the most interesting and thankless jobs in baseball.  Allbright used to use – get this – teletype reports in Morse Code, sound effects and a truly remarkable descriptive ability to re-create and broadcast Brooklyn (and for a brief time, Los Angeles) Dodger games […]


More actors whose passing in 2011 you may have missed, but whose work will, no doubt, continue to live on. Doris Belack She had long been playing women who were not only powerful (the soap opera producer in Tootsie), but often the smartest in the room (the director of the mental hospital in What About […]

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Oscar-winner, tabloid queen and legendary Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor was not the only talented actor to pass from this world in 2011.  Consider this a partial list. Tom Aldredge A thin, frail but hard-working character actor who found some measure of fame late in life as Carmella’s unassuming and not-always-the-brightest-guy-in-the-world father in The Sopranos. James […]


(Dear Readers: The essay below, which I originally composed on the ten-year anniversary of my exit from ESPN in July, has not seen the light of day until now.  I sat on it for months out of deference to some of my former colleagues at ESPN, a handful of whom I respect and hold dear. In fact, I eventually […]