June 2011

Quotable — Gil Scott-Heron

by M.C. Antil on June 11, 2011

By most accounts, the years were not kind to Gil Scott-Heron.  Called the “Godfather of Rap” by many, and widely regarded as a pioneer of spoken word music, the composer of the seminal 1970’s talk-jazz piece, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, apparently spent his final few decades of his life in a withering slowdance […]


R.I.P. — Harmon Killebrew

by M.C. Antil on June 2, 2011

I never knew Harmon Killebrew. But I knew Donnie Cieloch.  And when I was a kid growing up in Syracuse, New York, in my neighborhood Don Cieloch was Harmon Killebrew. Cieloch (pronounced SEE-lock) was a short, barrel-chested Polish kid who lived just down the street from me.  And he wasn’t so much a great athlete, […]