January 2013

In advance of the final part of my four-part list of some of the most overlooked or under-reported deaths of 2012, please enjoy some more of the varied and often esoteric names, faces and characters who left us in 2012, any number of whom may have touched your life and somehow escaped your notice. Widow of the […]


Below, please enjoy part three of my four part tribute to those we lost this year whose deaths and legacies were largely overlooked, or at least under-reported, by the mainstream media. 21.  Helen Gurley Brown In one sense she was just like so many others girls her age.  Born in Arkansas in the 20s; raised […]


You won’t find people like Charles Durning, Levon Helm, or for that matter even Fern Parsons, as they’ll most likely show up in Parts III or IV of my “most overlooked deaths of 2012,” which I should have posted in a week or so.  But below, in advance of that, are some of the more noteworthy film […]


Please enjoy part two of my four-part list of 40 people who died this year whose lives, legacies and passings were given short shrift by far too many in the mainstream media. 30. Charles “Skip” Pitts He was a talented session man and a Memphis-based guitarist who scratchy, bold playing style helped lend the Isley […]


This list could have been even longer, but here’s part one of my four-part list covering some of the many people whose passing this year, whose lives, and whose legacies, were given far too short a shrift by far too many in the mainstream media. 40. David N. Martin It remains the single most iconic and successful tourist and travel […]