Washington, DC Guitar Players: Must Be Something in the Water

by M.C. Antil on October 21, 2010

I lived in Northern Virginia for a few years and it occurred to me recently that there must be something in that Potomac River water.  How else do you explain all the incredible guitarists who were either born in the Washington, DC area, or called it home at some point early in life?

Consider this just a partial list:

            Roy Buchanan

            Roy Clark

            Link Wray

            Bill Kirchen

            Jack Casady

            Nils Lofgren

            Jimmy Thackery

            Chick Hall

            And, of course, the incomparable Danny Gatton

And that doesn’t even include a number of local legends whose talents far outstrip their fame; people like Tom Principato, Billy Hancock, Dave Chappell, Evan Johns, Linwood Taylor, Pete Kennedy and Chick Hall, Jr

Like I said, must be something in the water.


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