Quotable — Seth McFarlane

by M.C. Antil on November 3, 2010

Sound byte compliments of a Details magazine interview with the whip-smart, often outrageous creator of Family Guy

Details:  Speaking of 9/11, you were booked on the first plane that hit the Twin Towers, but you missed the flight.  Does that seem like fate to you?

McFarlane:  No. I had missed other flights before.  I’m chronically late for things.  Coincidences do happen.  Carl Sagan said that we are all “significance junkies.”  We love to attach patterns to everything we see.  Not everything has meaning to it.  I can’t afford to let it turn me into somebody who suddenly believes he’s being watched over by a higher power.  It’s kind of arrogant; that’s a lot of bandwidth for whoever is up there to have to maintain at any given time — Andy Dick alone would take up so much time and energy.

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