Fun Facts — Joakim Soria

by M.C. Antil on November 10, 2010

Joakim Soria -- at least they love him in his native Mexico

Some fun facts to chew on about the single most underrated pitcher on the planet, Kansas City Royals closer, Joakim Soria

(And keep in mind, while some contend the Royals should trade him this off-season to try to fully leverage his value, his contract is so team-friendly that it would be almost impossible to justify trading such a unique combination of production and cost-effectiveness.)

  • Soria has the best save percentage (93.1) of any pitcher in baseball since becoming a full-time closer on July 31, 2007.
  • Mariano Rivera had one less blown save in 2010 than Soria had in 2009 and 2010…combined.
  • In 2010, Soria set the Royals’ franchise record for save percentage in a season (93.5), which broke the record he set in 2008 (93.3).
  • The pitcher with the third highest save percentage in Kansas City history is Soria as well — 90.9 in 2009.
  • Since 2007, Soria has 281 K, 70 BB and 132 saves, while blowing just 13. 
  • Over the same time, Rivera — Soria’s hero as a boy — has 268 K, 51 BB and 146 saves, while blowing 12. 
  • In his career, his WHIP is 0.98 against left-hand hitters and 0.98 against righties.
  • In his career, his BAA is .198 at home and .197 on the road.
  • After the 2004 season, he was released by the Los Angeles Dodgers, and in December of 2006, he was claimed by the Royals in the Rule 5 draft after having been left unprotected by the San Diego Padres.
  • At the close of the 2011 season, Soria will have earned less money in his entire five-year career ($8.7 million) than Rivera earned in the final four months of 2010 (roughly $10 million).

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