Tony Joe White

I look around and realize that my keyboard and I are heading into the home stretch. Part 7 of 10 is now in the books. For those of you, perhaps, new to this list of my 300 favorite singles of the ’60s, please keep in mind, this is not intended to be anyone’s idea of […]


Remember in the 90’s when tribute albums were all the rage?  When different (and often diametrically opposed) artists would go into the studio and pay their musical respects to a specific icon, songwriter or theme by laying down a single track, which would then be combined with other such tracks by other such artists to […]


I do not play guitar.  I don’t even own a guitar.  I simply love the  guitar.  And on occasions I’ve even been known to recognize halfway decent guitar playing when I hear it. So given my lack of musical chops, my total inability to read or write music, and the fact that I have some […]

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