The third of ten installments of 30 songs for inclusion on one man’s imaginary Desert Island Jukebox, one dedicated to the single most eclectic ten years in pop music history. Desert Island Jukebox: Part 1 Desert Island Jukebox: Part 2 Desert Island Jukebox: Part 3 Desert Island Jukebox: Part 4 Desert Island Jukebox: Part 5 […]


The 21 Best TV Theme Songs of All Time

by M.C. Antil on September 20, 2012

Just kidding, of course.  These are by no means the greatest 21 TV theme songs in history.  But they are, without question and in no particular order, my 21 favorites of all time — not to mention 21 songs that stand alone as terrific pieces of music, regardless of how brief they may be. What’s more, they are […]


Quotable — Michael Stipe

by M.C. Antil on January 5, 2012

A while ago, former R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe was quoted as saying the Beatles had no influence on him.  In fact, he went as far as calling the Fab Four’s music, “elevator music.” Stipe recently sat down with Andrew Goldman for the New York Times Magazine Q&A, and flushed out his “elevator music” comment further, […]