John Schuerholz

They are, arguably, the most top heavy offensive club in the big leagues, with the widest disparity between good and bad in baseball. The 2012 Atlanta Braves have five very good Major League hitters, one of whom, unfortunately (Chipper Jones), is not only riding off in to the sunset in a few short months, but […]


Just a few days ago, the Atlanta Braves outrighted Stephen Marek off their 40-man roster, a career minor-league pitcher coming off career-threatening Tommy John surgery.  In and of itself, an absolutely non-newsworthy and entirely unremarkable roster move.  But closer examination reveals that by removing Marek from their 40-man roster the Braves have now, at long last, finally closed […]


One of the three or four deals that got John Schuerholz run out of Kansas City just a step or two ahead of the tar-and-feather brigade was his trade of David Cone — a stunningly talented minor league pitcher (and a Kansas City kid to boot) who would go on to hurl a perfect game, finish […]


Bobby Cox’s Legacy, Part II: The Man with the Plan

by M.C. Antil on October 26, 2010

(The following is Part II of a two-part analysis of Bobby Cox’s tenure as Braves manager and general manager.  Part I examined Cox’s muddled legacy as a field manager whose post-season reputation belied his regular season brilliance.  Part II looks at his long-forgotten and mostly unrecognized role as the front office guy who set into motion Atlanta’s […]