Humphrey Bogart

The third in a series of five lists counting down the 50 greatest movies set in the City of the Angels. 29.  Die Hard (1988) Yeah, it constantly defies the laws of both physics and probability.  Yeah, it’s got a ridiculous body count.  And yeah, it eventually spawned a series of downright silly and formulaic […]

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Film and TV critics regularly write how, when used properly, the city of New York can become such an overarching presence in any film or show shot there, that it quite literally becomes a living, breathing character in the story.  While that’s certainly less the case with Los Angeles, don’t for a minute think that the City of Angels doesn’t […]


OK, just kidding.  The list below is not by any stretch a list of the 301 greatest screen actors of this or any other time.  Unlike, say, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I’d never be so presumptuous as to attempt to qualify (or for that matter, quantify) a craft which is at its […]