Earl Scruggs

This list could have been even longer, but here’s part one of my four-part list covering some of the many people whose passing this year, whose lives, and whose legacies, were given far too short a shrift by far too many in the mainstream media. 40. David N. Martin It remains the single most iconic and successful tourist and travel […]


The 21 Best TV Theme Songs of All Time

by M.C. Antil on September 20, 2012

Just kidding, of course.  These are by no means the greatest 21 TV theme songs in history.  But they are, without question and in no particular order, my 21 favorites of all time — not to mention 21 songs that stand alone as terrific pieces of music, regardless of how brief they may be. What’s more, they are […]


R.I.P. — Doc Watson

by M.C. Antil on May 31, 2012

I guess without realizing it, I grew up on country music.  As a kid, I always had country songs listed among my favorites – songs like Claude King’s Wolverton Mountain, From a Jack to a King by Ned Miller, Roger Miller’s King of the Road, and two of my all-time faves, both by Don Gibson, Oh […]