Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones — A Lasting First Impression

by M.C. Antil on October 3, 2012

Before Chipper Jones rides off into the sunset at some point over the next few days, and in anticipation of the very last regular season game of his brilliant career – which, weather permitting, should be occurring in Pittsburgh even as I write this – I thought I’d share an image which I’ve carried with […]


They are, arguably, the most top heavy offensive club in the big leagues, with the widest disparity between good and bad in baseball. The 2012 Atlanta Braves have five very good Major League hitters, one of whom, unfortunately (Chipper Jones), is not only riding off in to the sunset in a few short months, but […]


The Secret of the Rays: Getting Defensive

by M.C. Antil on May 10, 2012

Why are the Rays the Rays?  In other words, how do they do it year after year, constantly contending and constantly fighting for supremacy in the utterly brutal American League East — and all the while doing it with a total payroll less than that of the New York Yankee infield?  Granted, they do it with […]

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Bobby Cox’s Managerial Legacy a Mixed Bag

by M.C. Antil on October 18, 2010

(The following is Part I of a two-part analysis of Bobby Cox’s legacy as manager and general manager of the Atlanta Braves.  This part focuses on his role as the Braves’ manager.  Part II, an analysis of Cox’s role as the architect and master builder of the Braves’ historic run of division titles, can be found here.) […]


Braves’ Best Bet as Next Manager: Chipper Jones

by M.C. Antil on October 7, 2010

As the Braves await tonight’s opener of their NLDS series with the pitching-rich Giants, possibly Bobby Cox’s last post-season series of his remarkable career, I’m going on record right now as saying the best candidate to replace him is already under contract with the team. Of all that people the Braves could interview and hire, […]