Cable Industry

(Dear Readers: The essay below, which I originally composed on the ten-year anniversary of my exit from ESPN in July, has not seen the light of day until now.  I sat on it for months out of deference to some of my former colleagues at ESPN, a handful of whom I respect and hold dear. In fact, I eventually […]


I spent most of my earlyprofessional years in the cable television industry, which was nothing short of a Wild West show at the time.  Then later, after I was given a regular column in CableFAX, that indusry’s daily publication of record, I decided to list as many of the long-lost cable brands I had seen come […]


  (Editor’s note: A version of the following first appeared in M.C. Antil’s regular column in CableFAX, a cable television trade publication, the week following Janet Jackson’s apparent “wardrobe malfunction”  during the MTV-produced halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII.  Sumner Redstone is the Chairman of Viacom Networks, the parent company of both MTV and CBS, […]