Floor Burns

M.C. Antil is currently finishing his first book,  “Floor Burns:  Love, Passion and the 1967 Syracuse All-City Championship”.  M.C.’s book is a non-fiction account of a high school championship game in which two teams — one large and public, the other small and Catholic — fought for bragging rights in a small, hard-working town in the industrial northeast.

What was noteworthy about that championship game, wasn’t that it was played.  It was when it was played, where it was played, and more than anything else, who played in it.

In time, the game — which pitted an all-white team of boys from a tiny Polish school against a racially mixed team from a sprawling new public facility overlooking the city — would become a metaphor for the kind of radical social and cultural changes small blue-collar factory towns like Syracuse were undergoing all across the industrial northeast.

“Floor Burns” is a basketball story, to be sure.  But it is also the story of a small working-class city, its people, and the turbulent times they shared.

Please go to www.FloorBurnsBook.com to read chapters from the book and to learn more.

  • Tmccall

    MC, any updates on this book of yours, I and a friend of mine are very interested in reading it.

  • Nymiaswim

    Just wondering how your book is progressing.  The excerpts which you shared with our family were very well-written and we enjoyed reading about our father back in his coaching days.  So how was it that you became interested in writing about high school basketball in Syracuse?

    Warm regards,

    Thomas Felasco

  • rick kalet

    what the “F”. so this is where you’ve been whaddup mc? we gotta catch up. book sounds great. i’m guessing at parts of it already. is the st. louis club mentioned?

  • Dodie

    Looking forward to more….